Wedding Party Duties

For those who have been asked to be part of a wedding, joy is generally their first reaction. Some of them view it as nothing more than an opportunity to get dressed up and have some fun, but there are responsibilities that should be taken seriously. Friends and family members included in the ceremony and reception as part of the bride and groom’s retinue have their own set of wedding party duties, and they will largely depend upon the role they will be filling.

The smallest members of the wedding party are given the simplest tasks, and it is up to the ring bearer to simply walk down the aisle at the ceremony and be ready to proffer the rings when the couple needs them. The flower girl may or may not need to strew petals down the aisle for the bride, but she is expected to walk down the aisle with the ring bearer as the first of the wedding party to start the official ceremony.

The role of the best man can vary greatly, but he should be able to coordinate with the maid of honour to plan and execute the bachelor party. It is often done on the same night as the wedding shower is for the bride, so being able to work out their plans is best for everyone. His other duty is to see to it that the ushers know how to seat guests when they arrive at the church, and he may be called upon to make sure the groom arrives on time for the ceremony.

The maid of honour has the most duties, and she is responsible for helping the bride in any way possible. She is generally responsible for hosting a wedding showing, keeping track of gifts, and she will also ensure the smallest details on the wedding day are taken care of if they need attention such as ensuring the wedding makeup artist turns up!  Her role is also to coordinate the bridesmaids to ensure the ceremony goes off without a hitch.