Requirements for a Wedding


Creating a Wedding Binder

Brides and grooms starting their wedding preparations will want to invite the entire world to share their joy, but they will generally need to pare it down a bit. Assembling the guest list to include family and friends is the start of good organization for a large event. Even a small wedding will require the pair to know how many people need to be accommodated, so going over their list with their own families is an important first step. It will help them with many of their future decisions as they move forward with their wedding plans.

It is important to ensure no guests are left off the list, so it should be written down for review by several family members. Parents might have a cousin they want to invite that their child has not seen in years, and forgetting them could be unpardonable. Making sure to know who should be invited is a make or break part of the event, so keeping a master list with names and addresses is a good way to get the show going.

Once the list has been agreed upon by all parties, it is time to begin sorting through the rest of the details. The number of guests will help determine the reception hall size, and it could even help the couple realize their local church might be too small to host their official ceremony. Knowing which guests are likely to attend will be part of the knowledge parents will bring to the list, and the couple should know the majority of their friends will make sure to attend.

It might appear that the guest list is not very important, but it is really the most important detail imaginable. Making sure there is enough space for each guest to be at the wedding ceremony and reception is what will make sharing the joy of the day a good feeling.