Requirements for a Wedding

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A toastmaster is someone who is responsible for the announcement of speakers at your wedding and the sole individual who announces any special toasts you wish for throughout your wedding day. Your first actual meeting with a toastmaster normally takes place around 3-4 weeks before your wedding date. During your meeting with a toastmaster you will discuss the details of your wedding such as that days schedule, who will be attending the wedding and any specific tasks you wish the toastmaster to complete. At the end of your meeting you will be provided with a written confirmation of everything you have discussed.

The Big Day

The toastmaster basically serves to be your right hand man on the most important day of your life. Anything that requires an extra hand, the toastmaster will be there to provide their help to you. The toastmaster's role on the day of your wedding should go as follows:

1. Makes sure the venue is set up to your liking and fixes any flaws that you have spotted out.
2. Double checks the seating chart and places card in the specified locations.
3. Sets up the cake table and makes sure the guest book is at the front of the venue.
4. Makes sure all suppliers are set up before the guests start arriving such as the DJ and catering companies.
5. Helps all of your guests check in and get seated in there specific seating area.
6. Introduces all speakers, as well as makes any toasts that you may require to be made.
7. Organizes the cake cutting ceramony.
8. Introduces the 1st dance of the bride and groom.
9. Formally closes the entire proceedings of the wedding and makes any final toasts of the evening.

Watch a video of Richard Birtchnell explaining his duties as a wedding toastmaster: